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RAUM - Het Straatscherm

RAUM - Het Straatscherm

The new play experience ‘Het Straatscherm’ (The Streetscreen) by our studio at Stadslab RAUM in Utrecht is the result of a co-creation project with 200 children. RAUM raises societal questions through art and design. We developed an intuitive and inclusive playground installation for RAUM, together with, and for, the children from the Utrecht neigborhood Leidsche Rijn. With this exceptional co-creation we actively contribute to the development of their city. 

It’s a unique opportunity for us to design and create together with 200 children with many different backgrounds and abilities. A dream project that connects to our vision seamlessly: ‘Let’s play, color and simplify stories. Together we bring them to life.’. 

Everything that we stands for a creative studio – from playing, discovering, wondering to enjoying – are all coming together in ‘Het Straatscherm’. The installation playfully joins the different surrounding communities and helps to shape a close-knit neighborhood.

Photography by Charlotte Visser

Het voorafgaande onderzoek van dit project is gesubsidieerd door: The Creative Industries 

Fund NL en is een samenwerking met Ausra_ces.
Dit project is in samenwerking en mede mogelijk gemaakt door en met RAUM, Nimeto, Onder de Bogen, De Vrijstaat, In Contact Bijzonder, Gemeente Utrecht

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